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The amazing benefits of organic Haitian castor oil

Did you know that Goddess Unique carries 100% organic Haitian castor oil😍. I remember as a child my 👵grandmother rubbing this magical oil all over my body to make me feel better whenever I got sick. I had no idea how powerful it was until I became an adult and was really able to understand its amazing properties. Haitian castor oil is known to have so many medicinal properties that benefit the body, hair and nails.

Haitian Black Castor Oil is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 very beneficial fatty acids. It's 80-90% ricinoleic acid makes it ideal in its ability to heal and transfer moisture to your hair, skin, and body. Ricinoleic acid carries Omega 6 and 9 fatty acid to the scalp which accelerates blood circulation and increases hair growth.

I love Haitian Black Castor Oil because it has anti-bacterial and antiviral properties that fights scalp infections such as bald patches and alopecia. The oil helps fight oxidative stress which is a common reason of hair loss.

Haitian Black Castor Oil is a natural humectant which means it moisturizes by drawing in water vapor towards the skin and body. The ricinoleic acid helps to fight body acnes, reduces joint pain, and promote healthy skin.

Not only does it help you grow your hair, it also helps to relieve pain in the body. It is known to help with back pains, arthritis and body aches. It is also known to reduce inflammation in the scalp which helps increase hair growth. You can also use this magical oil to grow your nails, hair and eyebrows as well. Invest in this today. Its Definitely needed in your household this season. Shop our luxurious hair care collection.

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