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Being of Haitian descent I had to add 100% Pure Haitian castor oil to our luxurious line. This amazing oil helps thicken and nourish the hair. Helps prevent hair loss, rejuvenate and moisturize your skin to keep wrinkles at bay. It helps prevent scars and stretch marks. It removes calluses corns warts and moles. It encourages nail growth. It helps relieve arthritis, back pain, muscle aches and so much more. 

This oil is enriched in omega 6 fatty acids and Ricinoleic acid. This makes it really good for hair growth, skincare, sore muscle relief, and soothing joint pains is the Ricinoleic acid. The Ricinoleic acid gives castor oil anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that make the oil a household favorite.

The processing method has been used in Haiti for generations, it preserves more of the oil's natural property. Unlike other castor oils, Haitian black castor oil has more Ricinoleic acid, Iodine, and a lower PH.


Promote Hair growth

Thicken eyebrows & eyelashes

Seal Moisture to eliminate dry hair & prevent Hair Loss

Moisturizes Skin

100% Pure Haitian castor oil

PriceFrom $20.00


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