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How to detangle your hair

📢Hair tip. Do you part your hair into sections on wash day? Did you know that when you part your hair into four sections, you are decreasing the amount of hair loss you experience. Detangling your hair while it's still wet, will help reduce a great amount of tension to your scalp. This one act alone can tremendously help increase hair growth. When your hair grows in a beautiful environment it grows beautifully. Be gentle to your hair and the hair follicle. Keep it moisturized and nutured with products like our Luxurious Hair Care Bundle! 👑👑 Wash, detangle, grow and moisturize your hair with Goddess Unique's Luxurious Hair Care Collection. Link in the bio. Invest in your hair today!

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1 Comment

Quita Long
Quita Long
Oct 14, 2019

Thank you for these tips!!

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