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our all natural tightening gel was designed to tighten the vaginal grip, detox and increase vaginal wetness.(3) tubes come in a pack! it has became our #1 selling item in the store! its truly amazing at what it does and does it very well. the ingredients are all natural derived from herbs and fruits that have tightening properties making the gel safe to use. even for the sensitive ladies! try it for yourself and leave a review if it helped you!

how to use:

step 1. clean vulva

step 2. lay down on back and raise hips

step 3. remove cap and insert applicator as far as it will go and use cap to push gel out of the applicator and inside of vagina.

step 4. use (1) tube a day for (3) days in a row for best results. doing kegels while using the tightening gel will increase and give you faster results! recommend 100 a day for three weeks. use atleast 12 hours before sex to be sure the taste of the natural herbs is gone.

Vaginal Tightening Gel (3 Pack)


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