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My Hair Journey

I've done so much to my hair. To be honest, I'm surprised I have hair. I've bleached, colored, relaxed, hot combed, braided and weaved my hair to death. There has been times I've had only a few strands of hair on my head due too the pain and suffering I put my hair through. I remember this one time I decided to bleach my hair light brown. I was 16 years old and wanted a new look. I put this concoction in my hair and went about my business. The phone rang and it was one of my friends, so I picked I up. Needless to say, I forgot I had the concoction in my hair. I ran to the bathroom and saw that my hair was bleached blonde. It was so thin. I had already had a relaxer in my hair and continued to put more danger to my hair with bleaching agents. Within a few months all of that hair said bye bye. It broke off. I was so hurt.

Its crazy because when I was young I didn't have a relaxer in my hair and I went to a family friend to do my hair every 2 weeks. OMG my hair was so full, healthy, long and luxurious. And it was only because I wasn't doing it myself. Once I got to high school, I was under so much pressure to fit in that I began wearing weaves. I would braid my hair so tight (thinking it was suppose to be) that I would begin to lose my edges. And the crazy thing is I've always thought that my edges would always grow back no matter what. Boy was I mistaken.

I had to live and learn, like many of us. I had to see what I was doing wrong so I can start doing the right thing. I had to let my hair breathe. I had to stop putting my hair through so much stress and tension. I had to wash my hair every two weeks with a deep conditioner. I had to massage my scalp everyday. I had to think positive thoughts about my hair. I had to look up natural ingredients to put in my hair that would promote hair growth. I had to see the beauty in my hair and focus on talking care of it instead of always looking for ways to change it. Follow me on my journey to stronger,healthier hair. Take my hand. Don't be scared. Your hair can be saved.

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