Women in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia have used Fermented rice water as a hair treatment for centuries due to the shear amount of Vitamin, Mineralsand overall Hair Health Benefits!I've paired this with Herbs and essential oils that promote Hair Growth and Health! It contains ingredients like black rice, essential oils, tea, castor oil.It Detangles the hair, Makes hair smoother, Increases shine,Makes hair stronger and Helps hair grow long!Directions!Shake well then spray onto freshly Cleansed hairLightly massage into scalp, then cover hair with a cap for 10-30 minutes.Next, rinse (Do not use shampoo) rice water completely off of hair and scalp with cool water and style as you please!This Product does have a strong smell to it, that's natural!Comes in a 8 oz spray bottle

Black Rice Hair Rinse


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