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Great ways to maintain a healthy vaginal p.h balance

Oh my, the struggles of being a woman. When I was young I had no idea the true importance of taking care of your body inside and out. Who knew that a woman's body was so sensitive to so much around her?! Did you know that a healthy vaginal p.h balance is between 3.8 to 4.5 and if you have an over growth of bacteria, yeast, fungus or a virus can make your vay jay jay go out of wack. As a woman, I've tried a ton of different things to try to figure out what works for my body and what doesn't. Here are a couple of tips on what you can use to maintain a healthy vaginal p.h balance and what you need to stay away from as well.

1. Goddess Unique's Intimate Ph Balancer

I've done a ton a of research on the human body throughout the years and learned that nature has our back. Plus I have an applied science degree which has opened up my mind on so many levels. I've learned that so many women suffer from issues like vaginal infections so I decided to create something just for us. Our Intimate P.h. Balancer contains our African Black Soap, Pure Rose Water and Coconut Oil. Our natural products have been proven to kill all types of germs. When you feel like your vagina is going through the motions, it's time to stop It before it really gets out of hand. Our intimate p.h balancer is the perfect trio that will reduce and kill yeast, bacteria and fungus. Our African Black Soap has strong cleaning properties. It kills germs deep down . Just wash your vagina with the soap and build a lather around the lips of the vagina. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes. If it stings, just let it sit for 2 minutes. Rinse it off with cold or cool water. The cold water provides relief from pain and itching. Pat dry the area. After apply a teaspoon amount of coconut oil in and around your vagina. Coconut oil is known to kill fungal infections like candida fungus and kills many forms of bacteria and germs. Also use Goddess Unique's Pure Rose water for maintenance. Just spray rose water around your vaginal area. It's best to use when you do not have an infection. It helps keep it away. This too has a tremendous amount of healing properties. It's helpful in the fight to kill and reduce germs and bacteria. Click this link and try it today!!

Here's an extra tip- By the way, do not sleep with underwear. Its better for your vay jay jay. It allows her to breathe at night. Too much heat down there can allow the super growth of vaginal infections.

2. Do not douche. If you feel like something is not right, a douche will only push the infection further into your vagina. No Good.

3. Avoid Sugar. Yeast loves sugar and every bite or drink you take that's packed with sugar will only make things worse.

4. Did you know that Alcohol can cause a yeast infection. Cutting out alcohol for a at least a few weeks, will not only decrease your population of intestinal yeast, you will be increasing your population of beneficial bacteria as well.

5. Use condoms. Men's sperm has a balance of 7.0 and can throw things off down there especially if they have poor eating and drinking habit so use condoms to minimum the transfer of bodily fluids. It will help.

6. Here are a list of things you can eat and drink that help reduce and kill bacteria, viruses and fungus and will speed up your recovery.




-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Lemon or Lime Water




These natural ways to improve your vaginal health are so vital to the every day woman. Sometimes we get so focused on everything around us and forget to take care of ourselves. If this blog was helpful I hope you will try out our P.h balancer and follow the many tips stated today. It will help set you on the path to a healthier and happier vagina. I hope I was able to help you today. Feel free to contact me for more information on how to truly invest in yourself and pamper yourself like the true Goddess you are. Thanks for reading.

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Take Care

Goddess Sheena

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